Precision Machine Inc. CNC Machine Shop Paducah, Kentucky
The Precision Machine philosophy is simple -- strict adherence to precision.  It doesn't "almost" work. It works. We're not a thousandth of an inch off. We're on the mark. That's what your equipment needs demand and that's what you get -- every time.
The skilled and experienced craftsmen at Precision Machine have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. In their capable hands, Precision Machine harnesses the power of the machining industry's most technologically sophisticated CNC & Manual equipment to make sure your manufacturing requirements are met with accuracy, speed and complete satisfaction.  Anywhere, anytime, any size job. Precision Machine measures up to the highest possible standards. Give us a call and put us to the test.

Design Tools
To further support our customer's needs we have recently purchased state of the art Brunson Optical Alignment Equipment.

Our optical tooling is the most modern and up to date in the field.  Our capabilities include, but are not limited to precision leveling of equipment to ± .001 in 34 feet from a fixed reference point or from existing equipment in place.  We also precision align paper rolls, shafts, equipment bores, gear boxes, etc., using parallel or perpendicular references.  Vertical alignment or "plumb" can also be obtained.